About Us | Overview

Founded in 2006, Covington Healthcare Associates is one of the nation’s premier and fastest growing pharmacy benefit management consulting firms.  Testimony to that fact is the reality that in less than four (4) years we have contracted with health plans, employers and workers’ compensation service providers and now serve over 2,500,000 beneficiaries through our clients.

Our independence from special interest market forces allows us to align completely with our clients clinical and economic priorities and values.  Our revenue model is based solely on client fees.  We accept no payment or fees from any product manufacturer or distributor, insurer or pharmacy benefit management company.  We have documented highly significant return-on-investment (ROI) for every client we serve.

Covington Healthcare Associates provides consulting services of high clinical and economic sophistication and value.  The client groups we serve includes . . . . .

  • Health plans
  • Employers
  • Workers’ compensation service providers

The engine that drives virtually all of our services is an expert blending of clinical and economic information and data.  Thus, both the quality and cost elements of the value equation are fully addressed.

Count on Covington Healthcare Associates for . . . . .

  • Complete alignment with client goals, priorities and values.
  • Exceptional bottom-line financial performance.
  • Innovative, value-based tactical and strategic health benefit management services and health and wellness services addressing complex health care issues.
  • Unmatched intellectual expertise and integrity.
  • Full service and unbundled product offerings.
  • Proven success in creating client value and return-on-investment.
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