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Employers are seeking more effective ways to address escalating health care and drug benefit costs on a short and long-term basis. Covington Healthcare Associates offers a suite of highly developed drug benefit management consulting services that compliment services provided by your insurer or PBM. These high-value services fall into two (2) critical domains, these being....

  • Drug Benefit Management - All too often employers allow insurers or PBMs to disproportionately influence how their pharmacy benefit is designed and managed. Covington Healthcare Associates can assist you, the employer, achieve more control and accountability in drug benefit management.
  • Employee Health Initiatives - Covington Healthcare Associates offers services that address health literacy to intellectually empower beneficiaries to take higher degrees of ownership in their own healthcare.  Smarter employees are healthier employees.

For detailed information on drug benefit management services and beneficiary health and wellness/health literacy services click here to access "Products and Services - Employers".

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