Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Workers’ compensation clinical services are delivered in the context of pharmacy case management.  We provide evidence-based assessments of drug therapy that are essential tools for use by adjusters and case managers in getting prescribers to make necessary refinements in medication use.  We serve as an intellectual resource center, or the equivalent of a national drug information center, to support those who are providing and paying for health care.

Most of our evidence-based drug therapy analysis includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:

  • Relative drug effectiveness
  • Relative drug safety
  • Noninjury-related drug use
  • Brand v. generic drug therapy
  • Acute v. chronic drug therapy
  • Marketplace pricing realities
  • Duration of patent life
  • Off-label (unapproved) drug use
  • Physician dispensing
  • Compounded prescriptions

All clinical services are integrated with relevant economic data to provide value-driven information that assists adjusters and case managers in working with prescribers in a way that benefits both patient and payer.  The return-on-investment (ROI) from these clinical services is typically a significant multiple of the cost.  ROI data is available upon request (click here to contact us).

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